The Points of Time

Third Year First Semester


Tantallon castle is Historic Scotland’s flagship castle. As the oldest and only surviving curtain wall castle in Europe, the site was chosen by the organization as a location for the ‘Scottish Castles Initiative’. We were asked to design an archive for the organization which would contain most of the current archive data for all of the historic castles in Scotland. It was to become the Headquarters for the ‘Scottish Castle Initiative’.


The object of this archive was to collect pieces of history and data or “moments in time” that each of the castles had created. My design concept was based on the idea of all of these historic moments in time flowing into the Tantallon site from around the country. From this I looked into a way of collecting and storing these points on the site and the large moat which ran along the west of the castle was a prime location "collecting" location.


In order to understand the Tantallon Castle Site and the location for my architecture, a detailed contour model was created. Through this I was able to understand the undulation of the site whilst in the studio and it provided a means of creating detailed cross sections.


The points or ‘+’ symbols (can be seen in the Portfolio to the right) became 3D blocks which created the possibility for a building to form on the site. From this, blocks were thrown onto the model which scattered and settled in a certain fashion which would allow me to create a concept and initial design. The location of the blocks influenced where the building blocks or rooms of the archive would  be placed.


The Image room is a very important room inside the archive. The way in which the frames are hung from the roof , and attached to the floor via a series of tracks which allow the images to be moved in and out from the wall, emphasise the the idea of moments in history, or moments, in suspension like the GPS points from my concept design.







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