The Dalmarnock Torque

Fourth Year Second Semester


We interpret ‘tectonics’ as the careful assembly of site, programme and matter, forming a coherent identity. ‘Civic Fabrication’ will inform this assembly with three concurrent strands of investigation; the abstract, inspired by a work of art; the urban, investigating regeneration plans, and the inhabited; the programme of our civic building, a Theatre.


The new theatre will be a large civic anchor in the developing community in Dalmarnock.


The Dalmarnock Torque Theatre is the new driving force behind the mass urban regeneration in a depleted and broken community. Torque means as a force applied to a piece which is resistant to rotate and Dalmarnock is currently resisting regeneration. With the current and proposed developments, the process will culminate in the development of the Torque Theatre, the turning point in the future of the community. Located at the intersection of three crucial axis lines, the theatre has a civic presence within the urban fabric of the newly established Athlete’s Village and becomes a heart to the community. Its position will provide new and existing residents with chances for social activity and pull all members of the community together. All together, the Dalmarnock Torque emphasises the force at which Dalmarnock is being rapidly changed, an extreme move that will benefit all that surround it.


Our site will be Dalmarnock in the east end of Glasgow. This run-down district on the north banks of the river Clyde, used to be a thriving hub of industry, home to the preeminent steelworks in Scotland. Today it has some of the lowest education, employment and life expectancy statistics in the UK. But Dalmarnock is immediately adjacent to the Athletes’ Village being built for the 2014 games; huge sums of money are being pumped in to the area under the banner of ‘regeneration’ to make this a success. During the Games, Dalmarnock will become an international stage for this global performance; after the Games, the new Theatre will be a key local asset.







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