Renga Platform

First Year First Semester


The Renga Platform is a space in which poetry can be written and shared with friends and other poets. This project was the first full piece of architecture I was asked to create in the 1st semester of the 1st year of my course. The platform was based in a small quarry on Salisbury Crags below Arthur's Seat in the heart of Edinburgh.


The site for the Renga Platform is situated in a small corrie like space which sits on the Salisbury Craggs to the south west of the summit of Arthur's Seat. The site was chosen for it’s ability to provide extended and exciting views across Edinburgh and it’s sheltered from the elements characteristic. The design consists of 4 circular floors which are of different sizes and offset against each other as they rise up around a central helical stair core. The series of floors create a numbers of spaces in which group and individual study or writing can take place. The platform is constructed out of timber so that it is environmentally friendly to its ‘rural’ (although in the centre of the City of Edinburgh) site. The wooden slats which make up the walls of each floor differ in width on every level providing framed views which will consequently and constantly change. The quarried site allows the ground floor to be sheltered from the strong prevailing winds that Arthur's Seat receives. The timber structure reminds one of a play park which will attract kids and adults alike to use the spaces when not in use by Renga writers.


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