House for a Kilt Maker

First Year Second Semester


The title given to this project was House with a Twist: House for a Kilt Maker. This project was the first where I was given a brief. I was to design a house for a small family with one person who works from home. The house should be sufficiently flexible to accommodate the growing family, but is relatively modest in size. Each studio group has a different additional public ‘programme’ that needs to be accommodated, within, below, above, between, or adjacent to the private accommodation. Each ‘twist’ comprises two additional spaces as noted below. In each case there is some form of physical object, which is central to the activity being undertaken.


The narrative created for the design of this house revolves around the type of client that would live in this house. The client has a family with children and leads a healthy quality of life. He/she is looking for a new house which caters for both the family and a new business which allows them to be self employed, working from home in order to provide the family with the amenities to lead a good quality of life.


The family are a very friendly, out-going and have many friends. Although they like to invite guests to the house, they also want to feel like they have some privacy from the busy city that surrounds their chosen inner-city site. Their reason for choosing the site is due to the prime location at Edinburgh’s Grassmarket which will provide plenty of customers and therefore, a ground level shop front would be required that incites customers into the shop.


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